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Biceps Leash - One Off - Pink Series LTD


Biceps Leash - One Off - Pink Series LTD

***Only 5 available worldwide! Smallest LTD edition serie we've ever done!***

Made in The USA with the best materials available, the finest workmanship, in the coolest factory.

LTD - One Off Series - Pink Edition - We wanted another flashy leash in the range so we worked with our factory on some crazy samples and the pink + green + blue combo which was initially just a sample test looked so cool that we asked the factory to produce a small batch of these, we gave away some of them to our team riders and now we have kept ONLY 5 LEASHES to be sold exclusively online here! A full retro style ONE OFF Serie. You'll be sure that no one will have the same as you, we wont produce this Edition and serie twice!

Special Features:

- Made in the USA
- Only 5 available worldwide
- Sushift™ exclusive ExtraLarge Urethane Diameter
- Sushift™ exclusive ONE OFF LTD Series
- SUPERSOFT Padded neoprene cuff
- Dual HEAVY DUTY stainless steel brass swivels
- HEAVY DUTY Nylon+Velcro

Standard Features:

- Solid US urethane coil
- Velcro arm strap
- Heavy duty nylon strap
- Stand away ends
- Bicep cinch strap for optimum comfort and performance
- Heavy duty leash plug

We’ve choosen the perfect length for our nylon strap to allow a very wide range of people to wear our leashes. It fits almost all biceps and the straps allow you to adjust the fit very well on your arm.

This product has a warranty that covers workmanship and materials for 3 months. Not covered: cuts, normal wear or abuse

The manufacturer, the distributor and retailers assume no responsibility. Do not surf around rocks or other hazards. This is a convenience product and does not take place of good swimming ability and common sense.

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