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Fins Pads - Primary Colors Series LTD


Fins Pads - Primary Colors Series LTD

Made in The USA with the best materials available, the finest workmanship, in the coolest factory.

LTD - Primary Colors Series - Available in Blue, Red and Yellow. We decided to spice our range up with some crazy colors. This is a very special and limited edition series of pads, we produced a small serie or these crazy primary colors pads. They look insane and are very hard to find in these colors.

We make our Pads longer than our competitors this way they fit all fins and really protect your ankles and heel all around the fin strap, not just on a small part of it.

We also dont believe in the all-in-one pads that include a fin leash because it just doesn’t work and it hurts your feet all the time when you use those systems. We believe that using a Pad and a separated fin lace or fin leash will work way better. You’ll avoid hurting your feet and you will have a more secure system if you use a real fin leash or fin lace. The all-in-one systems also suck for dropknee because they get in the way all the time on your back foot when it’s on the tail of the board. Believe us we tested everything!

This is a must have for your fins and heel. Just wrap the Sushift™ Neoprene Fins Pads around the back of your fins and feel the comfort ! No more rashes and heel pain ! Works with a velcro and fits most fins perfectly. They also have a little hole in them to allow you to attach a string or shoe lace as a leash and put the Sushift™ Neoprene Fins Pads over the lace knot.

- Padded color neoprene
- Velcro system
- Lace hole

Those Neoprene Heel Pads fit almost all fins.

This product has a warranty that covers workmanship and materials for 3 months. Not covered: cuts, normal wear or abuse