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Tshirts - Surf Tees


Sushift™ Surf Tees

Sushift™ Surf Tees. The perfect tees to get in the water featuring DryRelease® Technology

- Super fast drying with DryRelease® Tech: 2x Faster than Coton tees
- Reducing water absorption
- Less salty and sticky
- Longer lasting than coton tshirts
- Unmatched comfort in the water (not sticking to your skin like a coton tshirt)
- Washable and durable
- Holds well and doesnt get torned and in the way when you're paddling and surfing
- Made in the USA, printed in France

Choose your normal size, the Sushift™ Surf Tees fit true to size. If you wear M in a classic Tee we advise you to choose M for your Surf Tee.

Sun Protection
Wearing a tshirt or surf tee will not prevent you from getting sun burns and it's always necessary to use sun screen even under a tshirt when you surf.